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Mission:A Matter of Honor - Part One: An Audience by Proxy

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Part One: An Audience by Proxy


The Black Knights are in great peril, outsider, and so it is with heavy heart that I ask for your help in saving my brothers from the darkness of the demons that fly on wings of ruin.

Had I not sacrificed my honor to save another's then Lorn would hear my words of warning and know them to be good and true, but instead I have been exiled to this half dimension. I have had to watch in silence as the Talons slowly corrupt and consume everything they touch. And now their hungry eyes have fallen upon my sword brothers. What honor I once had burns to come to their aid, but I cannot. I need your help to restore my honor and the honor of my order.

  • Our goals are aligned, Bedwyr. I will help you.

Pleased I am to know that madness and evil has not taken all that are exiled to this place between worlds.

I would ask you to seek audience with Lorn on my behalf. To show that outsiders also see the darkness overcoming the Order may well compel him, and my sword brothers, to cast off the darkness which blinds them.

As an outsider seeking to gain an audience with Lorn you will need someone to act as your proxy. As I am exiled from the Order I cannot function in this manner. There is, however, one who may help. In my time here I have encountered a Drudge by the name of Carlyle. While I find his motivations to be centered around greed and self advancement, he has proven a valuable informant to both myself, and Lorn. It was he that informed me that the Black Knights had arrived here in Night Ward, and also, that outsiders such as yourself had come.

It was through the living spell, Clarity that I learned that the outsiders opposed these Talons of Vengeance as well.

Bedwyr hangs his head in solemn memory for a moment

Once the Order is restored to its former glory, I will see to it that her sacrifice be remembered for all time.

Bedwyr returns his eyes to you.

Visit Taskmaster Carlyle

Unnecessary Solicitation

Carlyle has had dealings with Lorn and the Black Knights before. He can negotiate an audience for you, but know that he'll be seeking a way to earn profit off of the favor.

Mission Objective(s)


The souls of the dead have gathered in even more horrifying numbers here. The Drudges seem to be on the verge of panic.

  • Visit Taskmaster Carlyle
    • Talk to Taskmaster Carlyle

Carlyle needs your help in stopping the Talons of Vengeance from stealing souls that rightfully belong to him. If you help him recover the souls, he'll arrange a meeting for you with Lorn.


  • None

Notable NPCs

  • Taskmaster Carlyle (Drudges Boss)


You've a lot of nerve comin' 'ere what with all the chaos your kind has brought. Spit your breath an' we'll 'ave a listen. Spend your breath wisely an' we'll deal. Waste my time an'... well... time is wax, chum, and at the moment you're simply worth more of it ta me dead!

  • I need an audience with Lorn.

Black Knights, hrmm? What makes you think they'll deal with an outsider like you?

  • Our problem is their problem. It's in your best interest to find a way for us to talk, cordially.
So... What the Black Knights seek 'ere in the Night Ward is responsible for our current interruption of service?
... Intriguing.
If what you say is true then perhaps it is in everyone's best interest ta work together... Until the current crisis is averted, of course.
  • Of course...
Ringing! Now then, I must press on this small matter of my compensation for my efforts.
Carlyle smiles a rotten toothy grin in your direction.
These Talons of Vengeance have proven ta be most vexing, stealin' souls that rightfully belong ta me... and The Taskmasters Office, of course. I ask that you only 'elp me deal with them before more profits are lost.
We both win: You gain in weakenin' your hated foe, while I retain possession of the souls which are rightfully mine.
Do we have a settlement upon our affairs?
  • We do.
Splendid! I'll speak with Lord Lorn an' secure the audience you seek. Meanwhile, you deal with the Talon thieves and bring back the souls that are rightfully mine.
One addition. Know this, outsider. I do not take kindly to those whose deeds do not match their claims. If I smell betrayal at any point, you will suffer mightily.
The location of the meeting will favor Lorn and his Black Knights. I'll not dribble my wax any further for you than this. Prove yourself, and I'll consider adjustin' the boundaries of our association.
  • You need not worry, Carlyle, everything is well in hand.
  • Don't make me tell you twice.
Ask. Tell. It makes no difference ta me, outsider.
I'll secure you an audience with Lord Lorn, but you'd best mind your tongue wit' 'im, or he'll make certain it is removed along with your 'ead!
First, however, I require of you a favor in exchange for this... service.
  • Betray me, Carlyle, and it will be your head at my feet.
Shrewd. I enjoy that.
I have a matter involvin' our shared enemy - The Talons of Vengeance. They 'ave seen fit ta steal souls, rightfully belongin' ta The Taskmasters Office, an' they're costin' us quite a bit of wax doin' it.
Now, unless I judged you wrong, I believe you would simply excel in sendin' them a message that lets them know just how unwelcome such behavior is.
  • Just tell me where to find them and I'll do your dirty work, Carlyle.
I'll speak with Lorn and secure you the audience you seek while you deal with the thieves an' bring me back my souls!
Just so there aren't any surprises, know this. The location of the meetin' will favor Lorn and 'is Black Knights. Even I cannot cultivate enough favor amongst 'im an' 'is Order ta say otherwise. It is, I'm afraid, the best that I can do.
  • I'll worry about Lorn, you worry about me.
Icon clue generic.png
Carlyle Doesn't Like You
You threatened Carlyle into working for you and you gather that he didn't like that very much. Whether he can do anything about it is another story.

Icon clue generic.png
The Meeting Place
Carlyle agreed to set up a meeting between you and Lord Lorn of the Black Knights. He cautioned, however, that the location would favor them.
Stop the Talons from stealing souls

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Talons must be preparing for something big. If you can cultivate favor with Carlyle and simultaneously stall the efforts of the Talons, then all the better.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: Flooded_Office_45_Layout_05_01

Waves of suffering emanating from within this building threaten to overwhelm your senses.

  • Stop the Talons from stealing souls
    • 10 stolen souls to rescue
    • Stop the Talons Leaders

You rescued the souls stolen from Carlyle by the traitor Burke and the Talons of Vengeance, thus securing your audience with Lorn.


V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance
V badge Drudges.png Drudges

Notable NPCs

  • Taskmaster Burke (Drudges Boss)

You defeated the Talons and discovered that they were working with a Drudge Taskmaster named Burke.

An anxious group of Drudge Spirit Guides take the souls and lead them back to the Lamplight Junction transit station for processing.

Meet with Lorn


It appears that Carlyle's honor has held, he has indeed arranged a meeting with Lorn. Character, understand that it would be unwise for you to mention me to Lorn. If you do it is unlikely he will listen to a single word you have to say. It would be best for you to tell him only what you know of the Talons and their plan to open the Eternal Prison. Anything more may jeopardize your life.

  • Understood.

There is no guarantee that Lorn will listen to you. He has the entire Order to worry about and he likely believes that your concerns are well beneath his notice or care. Should he dismiss your words before they can be spoken then you must force the matter by calling a Trial by Steel. If you claim victory, then honor demands that your words be both spoken and heard.

  • Right, Trial by Steel, got it.

Be careful, Character. My sword brothers will follow Lorn's orders without question. If the Talons have influence over him, his honor may be compromised.

When you are ready to head to the Black Knight encampment I will tell you the way.

  • "I'm ready." (Enter Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


The very air of Night Ward seems to have succumbed to the domineering presence of the Black Knights.

  • Meet with Lorn
    • Speak with Lorn
    • Defeat Pendragon
    • Speak with Lorn again

You convinced the Black Knights, through words and swords, that your warning is to be trusted. Lorn has tasked you with discovering proof of the Talon plot to breach the Eternal Prison.


V badge BlacKnight.png The Black Knights

Notable NPCs

  • Lord Lorn (Boss)
  • The Black Queen (Boss)
  • Pendragon (Boss)
Contact Small Lord Lorn.jpg
Lord Lorn


Carlyle of the Taskmasters has convinced me that there is wisdom in granting you audience. Speak your wisdom then.

  • (Explain the Talons' plot to open the Eternal Prison.)

Enough, Outsider. The Eternal Prison is impregnable and in no danger from the swords of the Furies or any other. I was wrong to trust Carlyle's forked tongue. Your words are empty and without wisdom.

  • Listen to me, Lorn. It is folly to underestimate the Talons...

Listen to you?

Listen to YOU?!

Have you even listened to me?! Let alone your own ravings?!

This matter is done, I shall hear no more of it! Your welcome here is overstayed, Outsider. Be gone and do not speak your empty words to me again.

Take him / her away.

  • I call for a Trial by Steel.

The Trial? Hmmmm, perhaps there is more wisdom in you than meets the eye, Outsider.

It seems Carlyle knows our ways better than I thought...

Very well! Though you are not a Knight of the Eternal Order I respect your wishes.

We shall see whether your words have any weight to them...

  • Very well.

Who amongst my brave Knights shall face the Outsider?

  • (Look silently amongst the Knights.)


I shall face the Outsider, my Lord.

  • Does this Knight meet your approval, Lord Lorn?

Sir Pendragon, the honor is yours.
Prepare yourself, Outsider, and let the Trail of Steel begin.
  • I am ready.
  • Are there none who dare meet my challenge?


Look upon me and know that I am Sir Pendragon, born of death, Black Knight of the Eternal Order, sworn protector of the Eternal Prison, Shield of the Black Queen, and oathsworn to Lord Lorn - the Black Warden of the Eternal Prison.

I shall meet your challenge, Outsider, and we shall see if you are made of more than words.

  • Look who's talking.

After Battle:

Go forth then, Outsider. If you are so eager to prove that these hellspawned snakewomen are a threat to my Knights or the Eternal Prison then go forth and do not return until you have proof.

  • (Leave)


You passed the Trial by Steel? Against Pendragon?!

Excellent work! Perhaps Lorn and the Black Knights are not in danger as I'd feared. We shall search for solid proof of this Talons plot and then Lorn will surely listen.

I know not what the Talons are planning to accomplish by turning the souls of the dead into more of their agents of suffering, but it must have something to do with their plan to open the Eternal Prison. I believe that only you can help me stop this madness, Character.

Like Clarity, I am honored to know you, Character. From this moment forth, you are my Sword Brother / Sword Sister. If ever you need to send word to me, you can send a message by hellraven, they'll know how to find me.

  • On with the quest.