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Mission:A Matter of Honor - Finale: Act well your part; there all honor lies

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Finale: Act well your part; there all honor lies


We have no choice but to confront Lorn now, before Pendragon gets himself killed.

There is no time to gather the other Knights. Come, Character!

  • "I'm ready!" (Enter Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


The Black Knight encampment is alive with activity

  • Confront Lorn
    • Catch up with Pendragon
    • Stop Lorn!
    • Defeat the Black Knights
    • Hear the Black Queen

You saved Pendragon's life, but Lord Lorn was betrayed and killed by the Black Queen who you discovered is working with the Talons of Vengeance.


V badge BlacKnight.png The Black Knights

Notable NPCs

  • Lord Lorn (Boss)

Lord Lorn: What poison did Bedwyr whisper to turn you against me?!
Pendragon: Truth and honor. Two things I stole from him a long time ago...
Lord Lorn: What are you saying?
Pendragon: It was not Bedwyr who tried to steal the heart of your queen, my lord.
Black Queen: No... Don't...
Lord Lorn: What?!
Pendragon: It was me.
Lord Lorn: And why do you speak of this now, traitor?
Lord Lorn: So you can gloat over the ruin you have wrought on this once great Order?
Pendragon: No, my Lord. I am trying to save it.
Lord Lorn: Without loyalty there is no Order to save!
Pendragon: Then I do it to save the queen.
Pendragon: Bedwyr and the Outsider have discovered evidence that she is somehow integral to the Talons plot to open the Eternal Prison.
Lord Lorn: Is that so..?
Black Queen: I... I know not of what Pendragon speaks...
Pendragon: My Lord, I know this is difficult to hear-
Lord Lorn: Difficult?
Lord Lorn: This is not difficult at all, old friend.
Lord Lorn: I just have to do what I should have done years ago.
Lord Lorn: Namely, put your head on a spike!
Black Queen: Lorn, no!
Lord Lorn: And then place her head beside yours!
Black Queen: *Gasp*
Pendragon: I will see you dead before you harm her!
Lord Lorn: And I will gladly die before I let this Order's honor be further stained by the two of you!
Lord Lorn: If I am to save the Order then I must cut off the rotten limbs!
Lord Lorn: Defend yourself, Pendragon, and let none interfere!
Pendragon: If it must come to this then so be it!


Upon completing the mission, you will be awarded the The Once and Future King Badge.

The Once and Future King

You helped set Pendragon down the path of righteousness. While he may walk the mists of Praetoria for years, his soul has been redeemed and his freedom from Night Ward ensured.


I still cannot believe that the Black Queen was working with the Talons this entire time. With Lorn dead the means of opening the Eternal Prison has now passed on to her. She can open the prison, Character, and release all kinds of evil upon Night Ward. But I fear there is something even more sinister at work here that we can't see yet.

I must concentrate on rallying those Knights still free of the Black Queen's control. They must know the truth of things. However, perhaps there is someone who can help you. A mysterious magician with no name.