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Mission:A Hero's Epic - The Final Chapter: Rescue Positron

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The Final Chapter: Rescue Positron

A few years back when we first uncovered Praetoria, Statesman, rest his soul, was kidnapped by Tyrant and held in bonds. We had a theory that Statesman and Tyrant were nearly identical and that lead us to believe that Statesman was powerless to their technology. What a load of bunk that turned out to be! We thought those bonds held him because of that theory, but we recently deduced that those bonds themselves are powered by the Praetorian Well of the Furies. They are the only thing in the multi-verse that can hold an Incarnate like Statesman, which means poor Positron is powerless against it!

If Emperor Cole is keeping Positron alive, he'll have him in those exact same bonds. It's the only way he can keep him from escaping. If that's truly the case, we know exactly where to portal you in to save him.

  • Free Positron

I doubt Emperor Cole will show his face at this point, but the guards he will have placed will be very powerful. Good luck.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Paragon City needs Positron, Character! And Positron needs you!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Rescue Positron

You defeated the Olympian Guard and freed Positron!


V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force

Notable NPCs


You did it, Character! Positron has been rescued! Character, I don't think I've ever been so proud!

Positron sent his early prototype armor to you. He believes that you were insturmental in stopping a Praetorian invasion, something he and the Freedom Phalanx couldn't have done without your lead. Positron isn't careless with his praise, Character; it seems pretty clear to me that he thinks the world of you.

Completing this mission awards the badge Positron's Pal.

File:Badge villain praetorians.png Positron's Pal

You have rescued Positron from the clutches of Praetoria.