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Metal Shift

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Metal Shift


Metal Shift is an Elite Boss for the Freakshow. He's the leader among the Freakshow of the Cult of the Shaper, always serving faithfully the will of what he calls "The Holy One".

Villains can fight him on the following missions:


During the mission Take the fight to Metal Shift:

Before combat:
Combat start: The Holy One was right as always:
You must be destroyed, Villain!

During the mission Find the location of Calystix:

Before combat: All is not yet lost!
Fate has delivered Character into our grasp!
Combat start: I will break your heretical limbs and bring just enough back to the shaper alive to make the sacrifice!
First blood: Fall to your destiny! At 75% Life: I am annointed by the Holy One. You cannot truly harm me!
At 50% Life: This battle hasn't even begun!
At 25% Life: The Shaper will have his Sacrifice!
Defeated: Calystix...
I've failed you...

After defeating a player: Soon you shall fulfill your destiny as our sacrifice.


Metal Shift is a Freakshow but is also a priest of the Cult of the Shaper on Sharkhead Isle. The cult espouses a philosophy involving transformation of self - this easily fits into the Freakshow paradigm of self-modification.

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