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Madame of Mystery

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Madame of Mystery is a Carnival of Shadows archvillain.

Heroes can find her on the Defeat Madame of Mystery & crew mission from Madeleine Casey.


After facing her three times, you have learned that the Madame of Mystery is actually the psychic projection of Madeleine Casey's soul. Unless you can destroy the Madame completely, Madeleine's soul will continue to serve the Carnival forever.


Before combat: "Another minute and it will be too late for Character to stop my transformation."
Combat start: "So, you have learnt the truth!"
"Fool! You will never recover your precious friend Madeleine!"
"I am part of the Carnival now!"
Upon defeat: "Free. Yes. You have freed me."
Defeating a Hero: "I will offer your soul to the Carnival Mistress!"

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