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Luckless' lucky chip

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From the Story Arc "Breaking the Streak" given by Hard Luck.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-34.

Souvenir's Text

You took this two dollar chip of the Freak's Luckless after you defeated him. It's a reminder of the little adventure you like to call:

Breaking the Streak

It began with a tip from Hard Luck. A member of the Freakshow was having remarkable success with the slot machines, and Hard Luck wanted his luck changed. You took to the streets and beat down Freaks until you learned the location of Luckless' hideout.

You went after him, but Luckless had already made his escape. You did, however, encounter a strange machine which gave you a solid chock when you tried to examine it.

Hard Luck put his ear to the ground, and learned that Luckless had sought refuge among the Carnival of Shadows. You didn't have a problem clearing a path through them. When you took down Luckless, he confessed his plot. Electrical bombardment at the hands of Crey Industries had granted him the ability to influence the slots' outcome. He had used the machine in his hideout to periodically recharge his abilities.

It's hard to say what Hard Luck and his goons have done with Luckless. But it's safe to assume that Freak won't be coming back to the Golden Giza.

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