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Lt. Harris

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Lt. Harris
Lt. Harris.jpg
Longbow Turncoat
Zone Mercy Island
Coordinates (-533, 98, -1295)
Level Range 5-7
Introduced By Fire Wire
Doctor Weber
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge Longbow.png Longbow
V badge Legacy.png Legacy Chain
Badges 2100 Mercy CompleteBadge.png Freedom Cracker
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Lt. Harris is a villain contact in the Mercy neighborhood of Mercy Island at coordinates (-533, 98, -1295). His level range is 5-7.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces



Longbow Turncoat

Lieutenant Bill Harris was a decorated soldier within the ranks of Longbow. He has participated in several operations, including the defense of Independence Port from a Rikti invasion.

He was a dedicated soldier, but some say that there is something off with him. Many were concerned when he was shipped off to help with the operations in Mercy, but he insisted it was the place he 'had to be'. Soldiers whisper it has something to do with his feelings for a certain Lt. Page.

Prior to Introduction

I can't be seen talking to you. We'd best part ways.

Initial Contact

Character, good to see you. My name is Bill Harris. I am a lieutenant in Longbow.

I've been in touch with officials in Arachnos, who have given my information to Dr. Weber.

I'm here to ask for your help in stopping the Longbow occupation of Fort Darwin.

  • Why is a lieutenant in Longbow trying to bring it down?

I'm out for revenge, Character, plain and simple.

I was wronged by a woman named Linda Page, a fellow lieutenant. I was made a fool, Character, mocked by all in Longbow!

Everything I worked for was destroyed by that woman, and I intend to make her and everyone pay. I imagine that having Longbow out of the way will help you as well, so I propose that you and I work together. What do you say?

  • Alright, Harris, I'm in. You better not pull anything.


  • Longbow will pay for what they've done to me!
  • Linda Page will wish she had never crossed me.
  • Longbow will remember the name Bill Harris!

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

No More Missions

If you let Lt. Harris live:

  • I'm not too sure what is left for me to do now, Character. Perhaps I will just become a mercenary... we shall see.


Story Arc

Price of Friendship

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Letter from Kalinda

You received this letter from a fortunata named Kalinda, who apparently is one of the women behind the Destined One project that Arachnos has. You received it after you kicked Longbow out of Fort Darwin, destroying the main base for the group in Mercy. You open the letter and read it over, seeing that it is entitled...

The Price of Friendship

'Dear Destined One,

My name is Kalinda. I am in charge of overseeing those who have been deemed Destined Ones. Operative Kuzmin is in charge of ensuring your introduction to the organization of Arachnos. I wished to personally send this letter to inform you of what is to come.

Your actions with Lt. Harris were truly... villainous, to say the least. You used his desire for vengeance to help cripple Longbow. The man was a fool, really. He was infatuated with that woman, Lt. Page. She rejected him, and his intense desire to love the woman turned into intense hatred. All of her actions became tainted in his eyes, along with the rest of Longbow. He couldn't help but twist reality to match his own bitterness.

This is what we in Arachnos were counting on; the weakness of the average human being. Longbow, for all their lofty ideals and goals, could not defend themselves against this. You were easily able to use Lt. Harris to bring Longbow to their knees, striking at their weakest points, including their allies, the Legacy Chain, then by disabling the medi-porter system that they so desperately relied upon.

The final blow was quite interesting, as you helped Lt. Harris destroy the woman he once loved. I couldn't help but be fascinated with how you handled the fate of Harris in the end.

Now, Arachnos has regained control of Fort Darwin. Longbow still lingers in Mercy Island, but their morale has been shattered, thanks to you. There have been many Destined Ones in the past, but you have proven yourself to already be more cunning than most that have come through.

However, if you believe that you are now within the comforts of Arachnos, you would be wrong. The Rogue Isles is a place where only the strong survive. Many in Arachnos will consider you an enemy, someone whose death will give them great fame. They will try to hunt you down to bolster their own power, and we will let them. I assume you are not surprised by this; in fact, I believe you may not even care that you are a Destined One, or what Arachnos thinks of you. That much is fine.

Know this, Character. You have become somewhat recognized, but you are still far from your true power. There are still many chances for you to be destroyed, whether it be from the hands of Longbow or from any of the other numerous super powered beings seeking a name for themselves. I wish you luck in your endeavors, and hope that perhaps we may speak again one day, if both of us survive for that long.


Part One: Cutting off Service


The first thing you need to know about Longbow is that they're desperate out here. Darwin is their main base of operations, anything else outside of it is... weak at best.

I tried to tell them that, but of course, they all simply laughed at my proposals. Well, we'll see who is laughing now, won't we?

I know exactly where their weak points are, and if they won't fix them, then we'll exploit them. The first strike will be against a communications team they've sent out.

  • And the point of this team?

It was going to be to set up satellite devices throughout the area to monitor Darwin's Landing and Mercy City.

There should be three key devices on Communication Experts. If you can stop them, it'll leave Longbow blind to our next movements.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I have to stay back here in the shadows, Character. Longbow can't know where I am.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Retrieve the devices from Longbow Communication Experts
    • 3 devices to find

You've disabled Longbow's communications!


V badge Longbow.png Longbow

Icon clue generic.png
Lt. Harris - Missing
You overheard a feminine voice on the radio of one of the Longbow soldiers.

'This is Lt. Page. Lt. Harris is confirmed to be MIA. Assume the worst, that he has been captured by Arachnos.

I want you all to do everything you can to find him and bring him back. Lt. Page, out.'


Excellent! Longbow will not know what's coming now until it's too late.

You heard a call from Lt. Page? Hrmph. Her false sense of caring is obvious. She is just doing that to save face to the higher ups, to say she 'tried' to look for me.

Unfortunately for her, I'm putting much more effort towards my own efforts in showing her and Longbow just what I'm capable of!

Part Two: The Winding Road


There's a lot of ground to cover between here and Fort Darwin, Character.

From what I understand, Longbow has dropped supplies for their soldiers in Darwin's Landing. That would be the first target you should hit.

Down the road, they've set up a temporary rendezvous point at the Mercy Clocktower. Taking down Longbow there will cut them off from the remaining area of Darwin's Landing.

They've also employed those foolish magicians in the Legacy Chain to place down protective runes. I don't believe in that magic, but you may wish to destroy them to be on the safe side. That, Character, is what you'll be encountering.

  • Alright. I have to ask, though. -What- did Page do to cause you to go through all of this

She rejected me, Character. Now, hear me out. I confessed to her that I had some certain feelings towards her. She not only rejected me, but then she treated me as if I was an idiot and lower than her.

What's worse is that all of the soldiers stationed in Fort Darwin began to do the same! I saw it in their eyes, the way they looked at me. I was no longer a brave soldier, I was a fool.

I couldn't take it anymore, Character. If Page thinks she can poison my reputation, then she has to be shown what I can really accomplish. That, Character, is why I am doing all of this, and why I will not stop until I see them all crushed.

Steal Longbow's Field Supplies

Unnecessary Solicitation

Without those supplies, their agents in the field will fall to the Arachnos soldiers they're trying to hard to fight.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Steal Longbow's Field Supplies
    • Steal 3 Longbow supplies

You've stolen the supplies that Longbow has dropped off!

Disrupt Longbow's Rendezvous Point

Unnecessary Solicitation

The fools there will surely underestimate your power, Character.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Disrupt Longbow's Rendezvous point
    • Defeat 15 Longbow

You've disrupted the rendezvous point that Longbow set up!


V badge Longbow.png Longbow

Destroy the Legacy Chain's Protective Runes

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Legacy Chain are mere puppets, Character. They're too late to stop us.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Destroy the Legacy Chain's Protective Runes
    • Destroy 5 Legacy Chain runes

You've destroyed the Legacy Chain runes and notice something out of the corner of your eye!


V badge Legacy.png Legacy Chain

Icon clue generic.png
Arachnos Prisoners
After destroying the Legacy Chain runes, you notice out of the corner of your eye some Longbow soldiers dragging Arachnos officials somewhere.

There must be a makeshift prison nearby. Freeing some of those Arachnos soldiers will help disrupt Longbow's base in Fort Darwin even further!

Release the Arachnos Prisoners

Unnecessary Solicitation

Those Arachnos prisoners will surely cause enough chaos for us to do what we need, Character!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Release the Arachnos Prisoners
    • 0 out of 3 groups of prisoners released

You've rescued enough Arachnos prisoners to disrupt Longbow's operations!


V badge Longbow.png Longbow


I can hear the chaos over the Longbow communicator, Character. They're all speaking of your name in fear. Even the transmissions I'm getting are getting weaker.

We have them on the ropes, Character. Now, it's time to go in for the kill. And I will be there to see the look on Page's face when she realizes just how wrong she was to cross me.

Finale: What I Wanted

The last thing we have to deal with is the sudden reinforcements from the Legacy Chain. Longbow believes they can help turn the tide, but they cannot.

Afterwards, you can get into Fort Darwin from an entrance on the beach. The main target is the medi-porter system that they have set up. Once that's destroyed, we can ensure that any Longbow we deal with will not be returning.

  • And Lt. Page?

You and I will deal with her ourselves, once the medi-porter system is down. Once you're in, I will stage my return.

In the chaos of your attack, I will make my own move to disable more of their defenses. You and I will then meet up at some point to finish off whatever remains of the Longbow troops in Darwin.

This is it, Character! You will get your freedom from Longbow, and I will get my vengeance against those who have wronged me!

Stop the Legacy Chain Reinforcements

Unnecessary Solicitation

Those Legacy Chain will not be able to stand to you, Character!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Stop the Legacy Chain Reinforcements
    • Defeat 10 Legacy Chain

You've defeated the Legacy Chain, now to get into the base and finish this!


V badge Legacy.png Legacy Chain

Retake Fort Darwin

Unnecessary Solicitation

This is our moment now, Character!

Mission Objective(s)


You can hear the sound of rushed footsteps. Longbow is doing their best to handle the situation.
Time to finish what you and Harris have started.

  • Retake Fort Darwin
    • 3 bombs to arm to destroy the medi-porter system
    • Defeat incoming Longbow
    • Rendevouz with Lt. Harris
    • Defeat Harris' GF
    • Speak with Lt. Harris
    • Defeat Lt. Harris (depending on dialog choices)
    • 3 Longbow groups to wipe out topside

You've destroyed Longbow's main base of operations within Fort Darwin!


V badge Longbow.png Longbow


Harris' GF: It's not too late, Harris!
Harris' GF: We can help you, there's something horribly wrong with you!
Lt. Harris: Help -me-?!
Lt. Harris: I don't need your help, Mariska! I don't need YOU!
Lt. Harris: It's time for you to face the consequences of your actions!
Harris' GF: ... Then you leave me no choice, Harris. I tried to reason with you.
Harris' GF: Soon, you too will face the consequences of your own actions...!

Contact Small Lt. Harris.jpg
Lt. Harris


What... what have I done... what have we done, Character? I wanted vengeance, I wanted them to pay.

I wanted... justice for the wrong that I felt! But seeing her dead like that... it doesn't give me anything.

Was I... was I right in all of this? Was I truly right in trying to stop them? Maybe... there really is something wrong with me.

  • No, Harris. You were right. You had to do all of this.
But it doesn't feel right. What am I supposed to do now...?
All I thought about was getting back at them... I cared about her so much, and then that feeling... it turned so quickly to hatred. Blind hatred, Character.
  • Are you having second thoughts about all of this, Harris?
Maybe I am, Character.
Maybe I was wrong about all of this, about trying to stop Longbow, about making myself help Arachnos... and you.
  • What are you getting at?
  • Get yourself together, Harris!
I can't! This is all wrong!
Working with Arachnos... betraying everyone I knew... all over what I thought...
  • What are you trying to say?
I... I don't know.
I don't have anything left now. My career in Longbow is gone. They've no doubt sent word about my actions.
I can never return to America, to my family... to my friends.
The only person I have left now... is you, ironically, Character, though now, I don't even have anything left to offer you.
  • You're a loose end, Harris. You have to be put down. (Fight Harris)
I won't... I won't go down without a fight, Character!
  • (Fight!)
  • One day you'll have something to offer me, Harris. (Spare Harris)
Harris remains silent, staring down at the floor. It's clear that he won't be of any more use in the remaining assault on Fort Darwin.
  • (Leave)
  • You were wrong, Harris. You killed these people for your own deluded goals.
What... what? You thought this entire time that I was wrong?
Then why, why did you help me?!
  • To destroy Longbow.
No... you... you used me! You just thought I was a fool! Like all the others!
Yes... I see it now, it's all coming together. Your tone with me, the way you looked at me, always looking down! Always judging me!
  • And what are you going to do about it now, Harris?
  • You don't need to know why I helped you, Harris.
You don't even trust me?!
You just think... I'm an idiot, don't you?! Like the others! That I wouldn't understand... that I'm just some grunt!
You... I thought you were different than them, better than them. Maybe I was wrong... maybe I need to do one last thing!
  • And what would that be, Harris?
I'm going to KILL YOU!
  • Just try it!


Upon completing this phase, you are awarded the Freedom Cracker Badge

File:2100 Mercy CompleteBadge.png Freedom Cracker

You've kicked Longbow out of Fort Darwin, showing them that they don't belong in the Rogue Isles!

Return to Mercy City

Unnecessary Solicitation

Lt. Harris is of no more use to you.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Return to Mercy City
    • Board the Arachnos Flyer

You've arrived back in Mercy City.

Speak with Operative Kuzmin

Unnecessary Solicitation

Lt. Harris is of no more use to you.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Operative Kuzmin


Character, good of you to make it back.

Your name is becoming well known around here in Mercy. Of course, not in the most pleasant way. Many people here seemed to be counting on Longbow to 'free' them from the deeds of people such as yourself.

They even believed there was no way that Longbow would be defeated. It was all quite laughable.

  • It is. So did you just want to congratulate me, or...?

Somewhat. I've been ordered to give you this letter from Kalinda, and to inform you that you've made a lasting impression on the organization of Arachnos.

To be honest, you made many in the group look like fools. They had said it was impossible to kick Longbow out, and yet you made it happen without much effort. Some are not happy about that, not at all.

  • Well, I'm honored that Arachnos has recognized me.
As you should be. Arachnos is a powerful organization, one that can change your life - for better or worse.
Should you wish to seek more power, find the ferry and get yourself to Port Oakes. There is much opportunity there.
But be warned. In Mercy, Arachnos had much to focus on. In other parts of the island, our soldiers will not be as... friendly as they were here.
They will see you as a threat and as a way to make a name for themselves. But I do not believe someone such as yourself would be ended in such a way. That is all, Character, I have much to do still for the glory of Arachnos.
  • Of course. Goodbye, Kuzmin.
  • I honestly couldn't care less about Arachnos. Are we done?
... Hrmph. We are done, Character. Do not be surprised, with that attitude, when you are assaulted by Arachnos in areas outside of Mercy.
Others will seek to put you in their place, and perhaps I do not blame them. Should you decide to go to Port Oakes by the ferry, I would advise that you do your best to curb your attitude.
Regardless, this is the last that you and I will speak, for now. Goodbye, Character. I would say I will miss you, but that would imply that I would degrade myself to have such feelings.
  • Right. See you around.