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Lord Pyre

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Lord Pyre is a former Archvillain turned good. He is now married to Wavelength and they have a son named Flashfire.


Lord Pyre had ruled a small South American county for centuries, though he always desired more. The public long debated the source of Lord Pyre's longevity, but even Pyre himself had claimed to have forgotten why he'd stayed young for so long. In the past, Lord Pyre's machinations had been stopped only through the timely intervention of adventurers, daredevils and super-powered heroes. Wavelength was an heiress in Paragon City whose mutant powers enabled her to join the ranks of the Freedom Phalanx in the 70s. In one memorable encounter between the world's premiere hero team and the venerable master of the inferno, Lord Pyre managed to capture Wavelength and hold her hostage for a short time. During this period, Wavelength's idealism and relentlessness slowly won over Lord Pyre's grudging respect -- and, later, his love. Lord Pyre soon gave up all plans of world domination and instead turned his vast intellect towards bettering the conditions for his own people. Eventually, Lord Pyre and Wavelength married -- and both were overjoyed when Wavelength gave birth to their son, dubbed Prince Flashfire.