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Leviathan's Tooth Chip

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From the Story Arc "The Perfect Killing Machine" given by Captain Mako.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 40-44.

Souvenir's Text

This is a chip off one of the enormous teeth of the Leviathan, the gargantuan monster who sleeps underneath Sharkhead Isle. You got it from a tale you like to call:

The Perfect Killing Machine

It all started when Captain Mako started investigations into the legendary creature which slumbered beneath Sharkhead Isle. You invaded some caves belonging to the Circle and interrogated their leaders about the Leviathan. Kalos related how the creature slumbered but would one day awaken to devour all of the Rogue Isles. Trelix related how there was a great war between the Mu and the Coralax in which the Leviathan was summoned by Calystix the Zealot, high priest of the Coralax. Halimos related how the Mu panicked and called upon their goddess Hequat; she encased the Leviathan in rock, which millennia later became known as Sharkhead Isle.

Mako was intrigued by the stories and wanted to know more. He sent you to speak with the Archmage Tarixus on Sharkhead Isle. The sorcerer said the Circle of Thorns might be trying to tap into the primal essence of the Leviathan, a powerful and destructive force. Tarixus related how the Death Mage Raxtos might be the type to pursue such a dangerous path. Tarixus also warned against trusting Mako with such a power, as the shark-man would not share such power easily.

Mako wanted whatever knowledge Raxtos might have regarding the Leviathan. You were sent to invade the Circle temple deep underneath Thorn Isle and interrogate Raxtos. Whenthe Death Mage was found, he said you were too late, for Ghost Widow's operatives had already stolen the Ritual of Z'kron! Captain Mako was not pleased.

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