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Leonard Sykes

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Leonard Sykes

Leonard Sykes is a Cage Consortium executive you are ordered to kidnap. He can be found on the Help the Circle make a move on Cage Consortium mission from Crash Cage.

Leonard Sykes shows up as a Boss-level NPC of the level of the mission owner, unless soloing, in which case he will be a Lieutenant and his hit points will be lower. He has "Hapless Citizen" faction, has no attacks and must be escorted to the mission exit.

Once you capture him, three waves of Cage Consortium Guards will ambush you.

Leonard Sykes can be found again later in the Story Arc, though not anymore as a mere kidnapping victim.


This hapless citizen is in over his head


During the mission Help the Circle make a move on Cage Consortium he will be found in company of a squad of Cage security guards:

Leonard Sykes: Whattaya mean there's a villain in the building? You gotta get me out of here!
Cage Consortium Captain: Calm down, sir. We can handle this.


Leonard Sykes: Oh, no! Not Villain!
Cage Consortium Captain: Get that intruder! Now!

Once captured:

Leonard Sykes: Hey, leave me alone!

If found by Cage Consortium Guards:

Leonard Sykes: Whew! I'm saved!

If recaptured:

Leonard Sykes: Oh, no! Not you again!

At the mission exit:

Leonard Sykes: You'll regret going up against an outfit like Cage!


Cage Consortium Guard: We're in trouble! Get the boss!