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Krylov's Creations

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Krylov's Creations are an enemy group in City of Villains. They appear in missions assigned by Dmitri Krylov.

Enemy Types


Experiment 236

Experiment 236

Main Article: Experiment 236

Experiment 236 is a creation of Dr. Dmitri Krylov, a Russian scientist who came to the Rogue Isles to make money by creating super-powered villains. Experiment 236 did not survive the transformation process with his sanity intact, and has since gone on a fiery rampage!


FireBlast ArcOfFire.png Fire Breath Ranged, Cone, Damage over Time (Fire)
The hero breathes forth a cone of fire that burns all foes within its narrow cone. Very accurate and very deadly at medium range.

FieryFray FireSword.png Fire Sword Melee, Lethal/Fire, Damage over Time (Fire)
The Hero can summon a fire sword that sets foes ablaze. Sucessful attacks will also do a slight damage over time.

FieryFray Scorch.png Scorch Melee, Fire, Damage over Time (Fire)
The hero's hands are engulfed in flames, igniting the target.

Inherent Brawl.png Fire Smash Melee, Heavy Smash, Fire
Fire punch attack

FlamingShield PlasmaSheild.png Fire Shield Toggle: Self +Resistances (Fire, Lethal, Smash, Cold)
While this power is active, you get a good resistance to Lethal, Smashing and Fire damage. Fire Shield also provides minimal resistance to Cold damage. Recharge: Very Fast.



Main Article: Electroshock

Electroshock is a hero created by the super-science of Dr. Dmitri Krylov. Electroshock was originally a villain who came to Krylov seeking superpowers, but in the end decided to become a hero in Paragon City.


ElectricalBolt ChargedBolts.png Charged Bolts Ranged, Energy, Foe -Endurance
The hero can quickly hurl small bolts of electricity at foes. Charged Bolts deals light damage and also drains some endurance.

ElectricalBolt LightningBolt.png Lightning Bolt Ranged, Energy, Foe -Endurance
The hero can send a large blast of electrical energy at a foe. Lightning Bolt deals good damange and also drains some endurance.

ElectricalBolt BallLightning.png Ball Lightning (Ranged) Targeted Area of Effect, Energy, Foe -Endurance
Hurls a highly charged ball of lightning that explodes on contact. Ball Lightning deals good damage in an area and also drains some endurance from each target it hits.

ElectricalBolt TelsaCage.png Tesla Cage (Ranged) Foe Sleep, -Endurance
You are trapped by a Tesla Cage. It does minor damage over time and drains your endurance.

Inherent Brawl.png Charged Brawl Melee, Smash, Energy
Gremlin brawling attacks.

ElectricityManipulation HavokPunch.png Havoc Punch (Melee) Foe -Endurance, Sleep, Knockdown
You are rendered helpless by the electrical attack. Any form of damage will free you from this state.