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/jranger is a meme meaning no. JRanger was a poster on the Official Forums who would reply to ideas on the Suggestions and Ideas forum with long, descriptive posts listing the reason or reasons he disagreed with the original suggestion. When these descriptive posts went either ignored or disparaged by multiple suggestion-makers, he finally started responding to ideas he disagreed with by only stating "no" without further explanation.

Eventually, instead of saying "no", users started replying to posts by simply saying "/jranger" instead (the first instance being Memphis_Bill 9/21/07, since purged). Both actions were ultimately made actionable and "bannable" by Ex Libris[1]. Although it ultimately led to JRanger being banned from the Official Forums, the usage still sees some use on the PWNZ forums and at least once by Back Alley Brawler (since purged) after this rule was placed.

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