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Invictus Badge

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You forced the God-Champion to go invulnerable while all of his Champions were still alive.

How to Get

Crowd Favor

The team must have 500 favor at the end of the fight with Gotterdamerung for the God-Champion to appear. There are three ways to accrue Favor:

  • The defeat of the major challengers will give a large boost
  • Each Rikti Monkey or Ninja defeated will give a small boost
  • Randomly throughout the fights, the team may acquire an Incite The Crowd temporary power which provides a large boost

In addition, favor decreases at a steady pace, so quicker kills will provide greater net favor gain. Once Favor reaches 500, it is fixed and will neither increase nor decrease.

The Fight

As the God-Champion is injured he will spawn Elite Boss versions of the Challengers from the previous fights. Once he reaches 30% health, he will go invulnerable and untargetable until the EB's are defeated.

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