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Impervium Armor

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IO Impervium Armor.png

Impervium Armor is a Resist Damage enhancement set in the Invention System. It is available in the 15-40 level range.

There are six enhancements in this set:

Only one of each of these types of enhancements may be slotted per power.

The following set bonuses apply when slotting more than one of the enhancements in this set into a single power:

  • Two enhancements increases Recovery by 2.5%.
  • Three enhancements increases Psionic Defense by 1.88%.
  • Four enhancements increases maximum Endurance by 2.25%.
  • Five enhancements reduces the duration of Hold effects on you by 2.75%.
  • Six enhancements increases Psionic Resistance by 3.13%.