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Image of a Dark Forest

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From Eye of Judgement, given by Captain Nolan.
This Souvenir is restricted to level 50 and above.

Souvenir's Text

Image of a Dark Forest

You remember the image of a dark forest with an old man standing in the middle of it. You somehow ended up in the forest after walking through the door in an old apartment. It reminds you of a small journey called...

Eye of Judgement

It began when Captain Nolan asked you for help in dealing with a series of deaths. Several other heroes had been tasked with the investigation, but all of them had gone missing. Captain Nolan asked that you, an Incarnate, be called in to deal with the situation. Another man had been found dead, the cause was suicide by jumping off of a building.

You investigated the crime scene and the man's home, coming to the conclusion that he was tortured by nightmares from the city of Dark Astoria. These nightmares claimed his sanity and eventually his life, the man believing that he was saving the world by killing himself.

You went to investigate an apartment he went to shortly before his murder and ended up being teleported to a strange forest. You tried to push through the forest but appeared in an old subway tunnel. You were then flung through a deep hole, ending up within the cursed city of Dark Astoria.

It was clear at the end of all this that the power that was awake within Dark Astoria is what caused the death of Harry Ifer and all the other suicides. All of those missing heroes and officers must be in Dark Astoria somewhere, if they're still alive.

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