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Help:Exploration Badge Template

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This is the template that is being used for all of the exploration badges. Please substitute in the name of the items in parentheses where necessary.


== Description ==

(badge description)

== Location ==

The '''(badge name) Badge''' is in the (neighborhood name) neighborhood of [[(zone name)]].  The badge marker is located (detailed description of badge location)

Its coordinates are ((coordinates)).

[[Image:Badge_(badge name).jpg]]

== Notes ==
* In (other game), this badge is called [[(alternate badge name) Badge|(alternate badge name)]]
* Earning this badge also unlocks the [[(badge name) Badge|(badge name) gladiator badge]].
* This badge is awarded to (gender) characters.  There is an equivalent (other gender) badge called [[(badge name) Badge|(badge name)]].

== See Also ==

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