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Hardcase's warning

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From the Story Arc "Chaos Unbound" given by Vivacious Verandi.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-34.

Souvenir's Text

The demon hunter Hardcase gave you a stern warning for your part in the adventure you like to call

Chaos Unbound

It began with a new contact, Vivacious Verandi. Vivacious, or Viv to her friends, was looking to cause some chaos. In this pursuit she first sent you to a Family warehouse, where you stole a number of weapons.

You next went to a Freakshow hideout, where you planted the weapons. You started a war between the Freakshow and the Family, but even this wasn't enough for Viv. She wanted more.

And so she sent you into the streets to fight the Devouring Earth. After you had stirred them into a frenzy, Viv was beside herself. She wanted nothing but more chaos!

The game was the same but the targets had changed. This time you were stealing weapons from the Circle.

You planted the magically charged items in a Tsoo hideout, and chaos ensued.

It was then that Hardcase summoned you, to explain Viv's ultimate plan. She was hoping to create enough conflict in St. Martial to destroy one or more of the obelisks that guard the Golden Giza from the Wailers. A battle in the vicinity of the Giza threatened those monuments and Hardcase asked you to stop it. If you wouldn't, he'd make darn sure you regretted it.

In the end, you were able to stop the battle and restore a semblance of order to St. Martial. It would be an exaggeration to say that Hardcase has forgiven you, but at least he's decided to let you live.

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