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Badge time.png This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.

Prior to Issue 21, Breakout was the Villain tutorial zone. It was replaced by a new co-op tutorial experience, although the zone itself was not removed from the game. Consequently, any characters that were in Breakout upon the release of Issue 21 were able to complete the old tutorial and exit to Mercy Island.


Career Criminal
Zone Breakout
Coordinates (-2,368, -160, 866)
Level Range 1
Introduced By None
Introduces Angel Lopez
Jimmy Dortz
Enemy Groups None
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H.T. is a villain contact in Breakout at coordinates (-2,368, -160, 866). He is the first contact you will meet if you go through the villain tutorial.


Contact Introduced By

  • None (H.T. is an initial contact)

New Contact(s)

Angel Lopez is new to the Zig, but has taken to it like a duck to water. Angel has a lot of connections, and he can probably hook you up with just the right person to spring you.

An icon has been placed into your Compass pointing towards Angel's location.

UI Nav3.jpg

If you put this symbol in the middle of your compass, Angel will be directly ahead of you. You may need to walk around walls or other obstacles to get to Angel.

Jimmy Dortz is a guy that you can count on to get the things you need. He's got a good rep with the guards, so they let him in on all the secrets of the Zig, and if you have any tech devices that you need to use your powers, he's the guy to talk to.

An icon has been placed into your Compass pointing towards Jimmy's location.

UI Nav3.jpg

If you put this symbol in the middle of your compass, Jimmy will be directly ahead of you. You may need to walk around walls or other obstacles to get to Jimmy.


Career Criminal

H.T. (short for Hard Time) is a mutant with powerful eye-based blasts. As part of his sentence he has restraining goggles permanently attached to his face.

H.T. knows he's guilty and has come to accept his fate. Although given many chances to escape in the past, H.T. has always declined, saying that there was a 'higher purpose' for him. H.T. claims to be plagued by chronic pain brought on from injuries received fighting against the Freedom Phalanx. H.T. knows a good thing when he sees it, and is always willing to help a guy out, in exchange for a few favors.

Prior to Introduction

Balloon.png Welcome to City of Villains!

This short tutorial will go over the basics of gameplay in order to get you started on your path to becoming a super-powered villain.

To get started, walk up to H.T. and talk to him. Talking is as simple as left clicking on the person you would like to talk to.

To move, simply use the keyboard as illustrated here.

UI Wasd.jpg

Holding the right mouse button down and moving the mouse left and right allows you to turn. You may also use the Q and E keys to rotate. When you have familiarized yourself with the controls, click OK in the bottom of this dialog box to close it.

Initial Contact

I'm not sure what happened. There was some kinda big explosion that shook loose a bunch of the cells. Most of the cons made a break for it and ran out into the Yard, only to be recaptured by security. Lots of people are saying Arachnos is involved, that they're trying to break out some sort of special people. Could even be you, I guess.

If you want to make a break for it though, you are gonna have to play it smart. I can hook you up with the right people to talk to, but I need a favor in return...

HT is a Contact. Contacts issue missions and generally move the story forward. By clicking on 'Ask about available missions', you can see what missions HT has to offer. By completing HT's and other Contacts missions in the tutorial, you will learn about the controls and interface of City of Villains.

Click on ask about available missions to proceed.

No More Missions

There's nothing more you can do for me, Character. You should go see your other contact.


Click here to accept this task.

Find Nurse

In the Zig


I've got this pain, see... and the only thing that helps are those pain relievers they got locked up in the infirmary. Go there and persuade the nurse to give them to you.

This is a mission. You can accept it either by clicking the mission text or the Mission Accept dialog at the bottom of this window.

Mission Acceptance

I'll mark the location of the nurse on your minimap and on your compass. You can open your minimap by pressing 'M'. Pressing 'M' again will close it.

UI Nav2.jpg

Your compass will have an indicator on it when the nurse is in front of you. Use this to orient yourself and find the nurse.

UI Map2.jpg

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to find the nurse. Use the indicator in your Nav Window compass to locate her, as well as the indicator on your screen, which shows you how far away she is.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Find Nurse

Notable NPCs


You want what? Pain relievers? You psychos detonate explosives for drugs? Fine, here is the key to the medical cabinet, take whatever you want.

You have been issued a Clue. You can learn more about the Clue by clicking the Clue button on your Nav Window. Whenever you are issued new Clues, you can read more about them there as well.

The medical cabinets to retrieve the drugs H.T. asked for are directly behind the nurse, simply click on them with the Hand cursor to get the drugs.

UI Medical Cabinet.jpg

Icon clue generic.png
Ring of Keys
This is a ring of keys given to you by the nurse. It opens the medical locker that contains the pain relievers that H.T. is looking for.

This ring of keys is a clue. You will often receive clues during a mission. Clues help tell the story of a mission but can also help direct you if you are uncertain what to do next.

Get Pain Medication

Unnecessary Solicitation

Well, the nurse gave you the keys, but that doesn't help my pain any. Go back and open the medical cabinet. Those keys should do the trick.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Get Pain Medication

Balloon.png You have found the pain relievers that H.T. was asking for.

A note about Medical Centers is that when you are defeated in combat, you will be automatically teleported to the closest Medical Center for immediate attention. Defeat does come at a price though. After the first 9 levels you will accrue Experience Debt when you are defeated. This debt is automatically paid back as you accumulate more Experience. Half the Experience points you gain goes towards paying off any debt you have.

Icon clue generic.png
Pain Relievers
These are the pain relievers that H.T. was asking about. Return to him and he will set you up with some contacts that will help you escape.


Thanks, I really needed these. With all the racket going on in here, I think these are the only way I will get some peace.

Arachnos. Heh.

They must think you're pretty special if they're willing to raise this kind of ruckus to break you out. But I'd watch myself if I were you. Just because they think you're special doesn't mean they'll give you a free ride. You'll have to prove you've got what it takes.

OK, I know you are dying to get outta here. Well, I got two guys you can see. If you want to make a direct break for it, then you can go see Angel Lopez. But if you want to grab some of your equipment, then you should talk to Jimmy Dortz instead.