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Halloween Event/Badges

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Collecting Classic Costume Badges

These badges are awarded for receiving "Classic Costume" Temporary Powers while Trick or Treating.

Note: receiving a duplicate costume will give no indication of the duplicate, but it will count towards the badges. Because of this, it will appear that fewer costume drops have occurred than are required for the badge.

File:Badge event spectral.pngFile:Badge event corsair.png Clothes Horse

You've collected 10 classic costumes.

File:Badge event spectral.pngFile:Badge event corsair.png Fashionable

You've collected 25 classic costumes.

File:Badge event spectral.pngFile:Badge event corsair.png Ostentatious

You've collected 50 classic costumes.

Trick or Treat Enemy Defeat Badges

These badges are awarded for defeating Trick or Treat enemies.

File:Badge event hunter.png Hunter

You have defeated 20 of the nefarious Vampires who rose from their graves on Halloween.

File:Badge event buster.png Buster

You have defeated 20 ghosts, spirits who have not rested since their original death.

File:Badge event shifter.png Shifter

You have defeated 15 werewolves, supernatural creatures created through the disease of lycanthropy.

File:Badge event deadhead.png Dead Head

You have defeated 50 zombies, the walking flesh of the recently dead.

File:Badge event malleus.png Malleus

You have defeated 75 witches, sorcerous crones who use dark magicks.

Giant Monster Defeat Badges

These badges are awarded for defeating Giant Monsters and their Unseelie companions.

File:Badge event hallowspirit.png Hallow Spirit

You have helped defeat a manifestation of Eochai, king of the Fir Bolg.

File:Badges Iron Warrior.png Iron Warrior

You have defeated the Halloween Jack in Irons.

File:Badges ghost touched.png Ghost Touched

You have defeated 20 of the Unseelie Court.

NOTE: The normal Croatoa Eochai and Jack in Irons still spawn during the Halloween Event and do not count toward their Halloween badges. They still reward their year round badges, Pumpkin King and Giant Killer. Make sure you are fighting a GM within the pumpkin patch. If there are no pumpkins marking the spawn site, it is the zone GM and not the Halloween GM.

Zombie Apocalypse Badges

These badges are awarded for defeating zombies during a Zombie Apocalypse (not to be confused with the Trick or Treat zombies).

Pumpkin Head
File:Badge event halloween 2008 01.png Glimpsed the Abyss

You've taken down 100 Zombie Minions, showing you have Glimpsed the Abyss.

File:Badge event halloween 2008 02.png Safety in Numbers

You've taken out 33 Zombie Lieutenants, proving that there is Safety in Numbers.

File:Badge event halloween 2008 03.png Evil's Resident

You've defeated 25 Zombie Bosses, making your place of occupation a Home of the Dead!

File:Badge event halloween 2008 04.png Apocalypse Survivor

You've helped take down a Zombie Elite, showing you are an Apocalypse Survivor!

  • Apocalypse Survivor grants access to the Pumpkin Head costume piece (Under Special Helmets).

Deadly Apocalypse Badges

These badges are awarded for defeating the four Haunting Banners and the Greater Mystic Aspect (Giant Monster). The accolade is for having all five of these badges.

File:Badge Event Halloween09DarkFiend.png Dark Fiend

Your contribution in destroying the otherworldly Banner of Fiends proved to be key in thwarting the diabolic schemes of the mysterious Dark Fiends.

File:Badge Event Halloween09WomenScorned.png Hell Hath No Fury

You've helped thwart the plans of the enigmatic 'Women Scorned' by destroying their ritualistic Banner of Scorn.

File:Badge Event Halloween09Terror.png Terror

The legions of terrible spectral fiends that guarded their Banner of Terror were no match for you.

File:Badge Event Halloween09Monster.png Monster Masher

You helped thwart the schemes of the horrifying Abominations by destroying their Banner of Mayhem.

File:Badge Event Halloween09MonsterGM.png Monstrous

The colossal Greater Mystic Aspect proved to be no match for your might.

File:Badge Event Accolade Halloween09.png Hell and Back

You've endured the spells of witches, the might of misshapen abominations, the ghostly touch of spectral terrors and the schemes of the supernatural fiends, earning yourself this Accolade.