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Guide to Flight Poses

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Different flyposes


Issue 9 adds several new emotes, this guide revolves around the flight pose emotes. Flight poses were around before, but were random and resisted because emotes aren't supposed to override regular animations.

Each emote must be used during flight. There is no banking animation, and they can easily be interrupted.

flypose1: arms fully outstretched in front (top left corner of image).
flypose2: one arm in front, one arm pulled back to side, and one knee pulled upward, as if flying to punch something (top right corner of image).
flypose3: arms stretched forward and to the side in a Y-formation (bottom left corner of image).
flypose4: head up and arms pulled back to side, in an "I dare you to shoot at me" pose (bottom right corner of image).
Imagine flex1 (flexa): Fists raised, flexing arms stance, except laying down, facing forward

Bind autorun and flypose to same key

Try this:

/macro Fly1 "autorun 1$$e flypose1"
/macro Fly2 "autorun 1$$e flypose2"
/macro Fly3 "autorun 1$$e flypose3"
/macro Fly4 "autorun 1$$e flypose4"

Then when you're ready, bind R (or your autorun key) to the flypose you want.

/bind r "autorun 1$$e flypose1"

In both cases, you have to press the macro/key twice. Once to start autorun, and second to activate the fly emote. If you use the default, "+autorun", then pressing R twice will start and then stop autorun rather than continuing it, thereby interrupting your flypose.

Cycle through flyposes using bind files

If you don't mind binding it to a key, you can use /bind_load_file to rotate several text Bind Files, each with a different flight pose. So each time you hit the key, it'll fire off a pose, and load the next text file.

So set yourself flying forward and we'll say bind it to the T key. Set up four text files:


T "e flypose1$$bindloadfile c:\coh\flypose2.txt"


T "e flypose2$$bindloadfile c:\coh\flypose3.txt"


T "e flypose3$$bindloadfile c:\coh\flypose4.txt"


T "e flypose4$$bindloadfile c:\coh\flypose1.txt"

Cycle through flyposes using an in-game bind

It is also possible to bind the flyposes to a single key without having to go through the trouble of creating or loading a bind file. As with the previous examples, you have to be already flying forward to properly cycle through the flypose emotes.

For example, if you'd like to use the shift key to cycle through the flyposes without "autoflight" (as with the previous example), you would enter this bind into your chatbar:

/bind shift+w "em flypose1$$em flypose2$$em flypose3$$em flypose4"

As you are flying forward, tap the "Shift" key (without letting go of the "W" key), and your character will switch to the next flypose. Tap it again to cycle to the next flypose, etc., etc.

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