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Gladiator Badge

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This article is about the Day Job Accolade. For controllable Arena pets, see Gladiator.

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Your reputation as a ferocious combatant in both PvP Zones and the Arena has earned you the Gladiator Accolade. While logged out in either an Arena or a PvP Zone you will additional time for your Combat Shield power.

Accolade Power

DayJob DefenseBoost.png Combat Shield Toggle: Self +DEF(Smashing, Lethal, Energy)
Your rigorous training in the arena and on the battlefield has given you access to the Combat Shield. While this power is active you have increased defense to Lethal, Smashing and Energy attacks. Additional time can be gained on this power by logging out in either a PvP zone or in an arena. Recharge: Fast.

For every 6 hours, Character gains 1 minute duration up to a maximum of .5 hours.

How to Get

Badge DayJob Duelist.png Duelist Badge DayJob Griefer.png Predator
Badge DayJobAcc Gladiator.png Gladiator

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