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Freedom Court

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Freedom Court is the safest neighborhood in the Galaxy City zone. The Freedom Corps headquarters may not rise as high as the statue of Atlas over in Galaxy City's sister zone, Atlas Park, but it holds just as much meaning. Heroes and citizens alike can feel safe when on the grounds of the Freedom Corps building. Nevertheless, even the parking lots on the fringe of the area are occasionally trespassed upon by new recruits to the Hellions. These fools are often dispatched quickly by members of Longbow, but occasionally they may need to be taken care of by recently arrived heroes.

Aside from keeping the Freedom Corps headquarters safe, Police Drones also ensure the perimeters of the Tram Station and hospital are kept safe. However, the rest of the Freedom Court neighborhood doesn't fare as well. Though weak, the recently-recruited Hellions and Vahzilok thugs that pester the neighborhood's citizens can still overwhelm a hero who has yet to rise in security level. Though these villains are often quick to fall, do not underestimate them. Anyone reckless enough to commit crimes in the shadow of the Freedom Corps headquarters is a maniac indeed.