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Free Trade Advocate Badge

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Your studies of business theory and practice have driven you to press for free trade between the Rogue Isles and Paragon City. On the surface, your efforts appear fruitless, but there are shadowy rumors they have had an effect…

Accolade Power

Salvage CraftingDiscount.png Entrepreneur Crafting Discount Auto: Crafting Cost Discount
Your experience working with the auction house coupled with your knowledge of running a business has taught you how to get the most out of what you have on hand. You will gain a number of discount tokens that will reduce crafting costs by 25%. These tokens can be obtained by logging out in a shop or near Wentworth's.

For every 24 hours, Character gains 1 charge up to a maximum of 10 charges.

How to Get

Badge DayJob ShopKeeper.png Price Gouger Badge DayJob Auctioneer.png Marketeer
Badge DayJobAcc Entrepreneur.png Free Trade Advocate


Invention Discount Coupons
Using Coupons
  • Tokens appear in the Special Salvage tab.
  • At the bottom of the crafting screen there is a "Use Discount Coupon" radio button to use up one of the tokens.
  • After using up all tokens, crafting will be disabled until the coupon is unchecked.
  • The Free Trade Advocate badge is awarded to characters of the villain and rogue alignments. The same badge on heroes and vigilantes is called Entrepreneur.
  • This badge is only awarded to characters of the hero or vigilante alignments. Although credit for this badge may be earned by villains or rogues, the badge will not be awarded to a character until they change alignment.

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