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Eye of the Leviathan (souvenir)

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From the Strike Force "Temple of the Waters" given by Strike Force Operative Renault.

Souvenir's Text

Eye of the Leviathan

This is a coral shard taken from the Eye of the Leviathan! You stole it during a raid on:

Temple of the Waters

The Strike Force was called by Operative Renault on Sharkhead Isle on behalf of Barracuda and the great Captain Mako. The goal was none other than the Eye of the Leviathan, a monstrous eye made of living coral which was said to possess great power. Mako wanted the power for himself, and was willing to grant some of its power to those who could bring it to him. The Eye was rumored to be hidden away in the legendary Temple of the Waters. Barracuda was following up on this lead when she failed to make the meeting with the Strike Force. Following the coordinates to a cave where she was last seen, it was found that Longbow was attempting to prevent her from finding the Temple of the Waters. After fighting your way to Barracuda you made your way to an ancient obelisk, only to find it was magically inert, drained of power long ago. In an effort to throw Longbow off of Barracuda's trail, your Strike Force made an attack upon Agincourt while Barracuda escaped.

Operative Renault sent you to investigate another lead to the Temple of the Waters. The Legacy Chain had acquired a magical artifact known as the coral key, reputed to have a link to the Temple. Attacking the warehouse where the Legacy Chain planned to ship it to the mainland, you interrogated their lorekeepers, only to find they had already been attacked by an Arachnos force led by Fortunatas from Fort Cerberus. Operative Renault granted your Strike Force leave to raid Fort Cerberus in order to secure the key, but disavowed all knowledge of the attack. During the assault you encountered Fortunatas who mentioned how the coral key was one of Ghost Widow's new treasures. After defeating a sudden ambush by Coralax Hybrids you managed to escape with the coral key.

Operative Renault felt Longbow was far too interested in your Strike Force activities, and so sent you to derail Longbow's plans. After interrogating Longbow agents at Agincourt you discovered Operation Frozen Ocean, a task force set up to monitor Barracuda's activities in the Rogue Isles and counter any subsequent threats she may raise. Assaulting the Longbow base itself at Agincourt, you found the hero leading Operation Frozen Ocean, a hero by the name of Shockstorm. Interrogating Shockstorm further revealed that the operation was initiated to prevent Captain Mako from gaining further power from the Temple of the Waters. What's more, it was discovered Longbow learned of Captain Mako's designs upon the Temple by none other than Scirocco's right-hand agent, Ice Mistral!

At this point, Operative Renault related Ghost Widow had discovered the raid on Fort Cerberus and was intent on wreaking vengeance on those who stole the coral key! Fortunately, a Fortunata was willing to speak to Ghost Widow on your behalf. Speaking with Kalinda on Mercy Island, she related how reparations had to be made. Travelling to Paragon City, you raided a graveyard overrun by Banished Pantheon in order to retrieve an artifact known as the death rattle from a powerful totem spirit named Gharbu. After bringing the death rattle to Kalinda, she related the item would be enough to sooth Ghost Widow's anger.

Before raiding the temple itself, Operative Renault informed you Barracuda had procured weapons to fight the temple guardians and needed them picked up from a cargo ship at Port Recluse. You encountered some Family intent on payment for the weapons, but after dealing with them found a crate containing only a single SMG. Barracuda and her Arachnos guard ambushed you, attempting to eliminate you so she could seize the power of the Leviathan for herself! Operative Renault was displeased with Barracuda's actions and contacted Captain Mako for further instruction.

Operative Renault took sole control of the Strike Force after Barracuda's betrayal. Captain Mako's direct orders were to raid the Temple of the Waters and steal a piece of the Eye of the Leviathan! Proceeding to a set of ancient tunnels on Sharkhead Isle, you found your way into a set of sea tunnels populated by the Coralax. Deep within the bowels of these passages lay the Temple of the Waters, an ancient place of worship where Calystix the Shaper presided over a mass of Coralax Hybrids! An epic battle was fought, but just when it was thought Calystix was defeated, he used his powers to cause the eye of the Leviathan to come to life! In the end, the Eye was defeated and a piece of it was brought for Captain Mako!

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