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Ernesto Hess' Council insignia

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From the Task Force "The MegaMech Cometh" given by Ernesto Hess.

Souvenir's Text

Ernesto Hess' Council insignia

The Council mole Ernesto Hess gave you his uniform insignia in recognition of your efforts. A strange spider scratched into the back side is your only clue to the mysteries that lie beyond the mission you've come to think of as:

The MegaMech Cometh

It began with Ernesto Hess, a Council operative who claimed he could put you onto the biggest action Striga Isle had ever seen. Although there was something strange about Hess' intensity, you agreed to investigate a Council robot factory. What you learned there was shocking: the Council was preparing a new, more threatening Zenith Mech Man! Furthermore, they were forcing someone else to work on it!

You had no choice but to return to the Council's factories to liberate the captive. Although she warned you that there might be more to Hess than was apparent, you needed his help. He knew the inner workings of the Council, and you had to get to the bottom of their plot.

To improve your communications with Hess, you eliminated a number of the Council's radar stations.

Your next mission took you to the giant robot factory itself. There you found data on the Council's plans for their first test of the massive Zenith Mech Man. They planned to release it upon Atlas Park, and soon!

You knew you had to discover a weakness of the giant Mech Man, and you had to do it soon. You crept into the robot factory once more and learned that the robot's inventor, Archon Burkholder, was the only person on Striga Isle who could pilot the machine. If you could take him down, you could stop the assault.

One last time, you ventured into Burkholder's stronghold. You came face to face with the mad genius and defeated him once and for all.

In the end, it was hard to tell where Hess' loyalties truly lay. Had he helped you because he truly wished to protect the city of Paragon? Or had he simply feared that the Council might interfere with some other purpose?

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