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Emperor Cole's Personal Story

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From the Story Arc "The Last Line of the Law" given by Belladonna Vetrano.
This Souvenir is restricted to level 50.

Souvenir's Text

Emperor Cole's Personal Story

Emperor Cole spent his final moments before the final battle for Praetoria reflecting on the events that led him to this moment. He had some regrets, of course; mainly the fact that those who were powerful enough to maintain power in Praetoria were too drunk on power to care for the people.

Emperor Cole regretted the fact that after everything that he went through to establish Praetoria, its safety was left to him, Sinclair, a shadow knight, a harlot, and a hunter. Sinclair informed Cole that Recluse and his forces were marching on the main square of the Magisterium.

Wasting no time, Emperor Cole went outside to deal with the full force of Arachnos - alone. Despite Recluse's confidence, Emperor Cole utterly demolished the forces of Arachnos, whose leaders retreated before Cole could kill them.

Now, Emperor Cole returns to his tower to make his final preparations, while the remaining defense forces prepare for the full onslaught of Primal Earth's invasion.

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