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Emote (Slash Command)

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Slash Command

/emote text

Aliases: e, em, me, ;

Causes the character to attempt to display the animation of the text specified.

If the text specified does not have an animation, will simply display in a thought bubble. Additionally, the text will show up in the emote chat channel. The emote channel is similar to local and has a range of about 50 yards.

This command has a unique alias, the semicolon ";". If a semicolon is typed in the chat box, then everything after it will be treated as the emote portion including the space, so leave the space off. Additionally, the semicolon is bound to /beginchat ;, so pressing the semicolon when the chat box is not in focus will focus on the chat box and put a semicolon in for you. Note: The semicolon alias does not work in binds.


  • /e dance
    • Valid emote animation. Character will start a random dance emote.
    • No text is sent to the emote channel.
  • /me angry
    • Valid emote animation. Character will play the angry emote.
    • No text is sent to the emote channel.
  • ;point
    • Valid emote animation. Character points forward.
    • No text is sent to the emote channel.
  • /emote thinks about binds.
    • Invalid emote animation. Thought bubble appears above character's head with thinks about binds. in it.
    • CharacterName thinks about binds. shows up in the emote channel.

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