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Efficiency Expert Badge

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You have proven yourself efficient by succeeding at all of Mr. Pither's timed tasks.

How to Get

NOTE: This badge is not available as part of the Flashback system.

To earn the Efficiency Expert badge, you have to complete the following missions from Efficiency Expert Pither missions, a level 45-50 villain contact.

Mission Time Limit Hidden Badge
Steal formula from Crey 15 Minutes Efficiency1
Kick Longbow out of base 30 Minutes Efficiency2
Get Info About Malta Group 30 Minutes Efficiency3
Kidnap Diocletian 30 Minutes Efficiency4
Beat some sense into Fortunata Iverson (both parts - untimed and timed.) 30 Minutes after you find the information. Efficiency5

NOTE: Each hidden badge does not count toward the player's badge total and the badges are not visible to the player. The purpose of the hidden badges are to keep track of your progress. A player can create a popmenu to check for the presence of the badges however.

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