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Demo Editing/Additional Information

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The following links provide additional information on or related to Demo Editing and movie-making; including guides, tools, and associated resources.

Note: Even before the sunset, many of the guides previously listed here had been purged during forum cleanup.

See Also

Demo Recording

External Links


Demo Tools & Applications

Video Capture & Editing

Applications & Tools

  • FRAPS - Video Capture (Windows) - Limited Free Functionality (Fee For Full Version)
  • TAKSI - Video Capture (Windows) - Free (Open Source) - Described as an open source alternative to FRAPS.
  • VirtualDub - Video Capture (Windows) - Free (Open Source)
  • WeGame client - Video Capture (Windows) - Free - Video capture companion to the hosting site; advertises an HD mode for machinima & direct upload capability to their site.
  • Game Cam - Video Capture (Windows) - Limited Free Functionality (Fee For Full Version)
  • Windows Movie Maker - Video Editor (Windows) - Free
  • Windows Media Encoder - Video Capture (Windows) - Free
  • Avidemux - Video Editor (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) - Free (Open Source)
  • Cinelerra - Video Editor (Linux) - Free (Open Source)
  • Kino - Video Editor (Linux) - Free (Open Source)
  • LiVES - Video Editor (Linux) - Free (Open Source)
  • Ulead VideoStudio Free Trial - Video Editor (Windows) - Trial
  • MMConvert - Tool for converting between different video and audio formats.
  • Quick Media Converter - Video and audio converter - Free (Donation Supported)
  • Audacity - Audio Editor and Recorder (Windows) - Free (Open Source)

Information & Resources

Other Demo-Related Links

  • City of Heroes Codex - Demo Model, MOV, FX, & Maps data; plus additional info (Note that the site linked is a backup, as the original is only available via Internet Archive).
  • Random Dice - City Of Heroes Demo File Information - Demo data resource with demo upload/data extraction function.
  • CoH Splasher - Customizes game login screen, character selection screen, & other content (such as with demo-edited screenshots).

Video Hosting Sites

Video Specific Hosting Sites

General File Hosting Sites

Video Hosting Information & Resources