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Degenerative Radial Interface

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File:Incarnate Interface Degenerative Uncommon.png


Degenerative Radial Interface is one of the abilities that can be used with the Interface Slot, part of the Incarnate System. This ability is Uncommon.


Adds a -Max HP debuff proc (25% chance) and a Minor Toxic DoT (25% chance) to most damaging attacks.

How to Get

Degenerative Radial Interface is created with the following Incarnate Components:

Incarnate Interface Degenerative Common.png Degenerative Interface
Salvage arcane cantrip.png 1 Arcane Cantrip
Salvage nanotech growth medium.png 1 Nanotech Growth Medium
Salvage cytolitic infusion.png 1 Cytolitic Infusion

Used In

Rare Incarnate Abilities

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