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Data disk

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From the Story Arc "Apt Pupil" given by Number 204 .
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 40-44.

Souvenir's Text

You have kept this disk given to you by Arachnos Technician Price. It's not worth much now, except perhaps as a reminder of the adventure you like to call:

Apt Pupil

It all started when Number 204 asked for your help. It was aware that if it was not the best of its companion robots it would be destroyed, and it sought to get a leg up on the competition. It could reward you handsomely, so you agreed to steal the Arachnos Robotic Combat Training Plan from an Arachnos base.

Number 204 informed you that its next task would be against Nemesis. It sent you to Spider City to collect combat video for it to analyze.

Number 204's next target was Longbow. You journeyed into a Longbow lair and returned with their tactical plans.

You were then sent to collect combat video of your battle against several other Arachnos Tarantulas. You did so, but encountered a strange fellow, Arachnos Technician Price. He said that he had been summoned to the Gutter, but attacked by the Tarantulas. Something strange was definitely going on.

Number 204 next informed you that Arachnos had changed its training program. It would need new data. In order to ensure it got the data, it equipped you with a disk containing code for detecting and deciphering the new schedule. You went to an Arachnos base and uploaded the code, but were unable to find any new schedule.

Number 204 had one more task for you. It sent you to eliminate a number of other Tarantulas who it considered rivals. It assured you that the Tarantulas would be no match for you.

But it was lying. When you got to the Tarantula's base you met Technician Price again. He informed you that Number 204 was trying to kill him -- and you as well! The Longbow files had reprogrammed it. It had used you to upload code that turned the other Tarantulas against Arachnos, and then it had sent you to be killed. Price gave you a disk to reformat Number 204 into a compliant Arachnos robot once again. You have to wonder how much of Number 204's personality survived all this reprogramming. But then again, that's not your problem.

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