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Data disc

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From the Story Arc "Scary Monsters" given by Shadowstar to Peacebringers and Sunstorm to Warshades.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-34.

Souvenir's Text

Data disc

You've kept this copy of Arakhn's experimental data as insurance in case you once again have to face her:

Scary Monsters

It began with reports of strange activity around a Council base. Galaxy troops had been seen escorting Hydra Men, Freakshow, and Devouring Earth creatures into the base. You investigated, and found a Freakshow gangster who had acquired the abilities of the Galaxy. He had been implanted with Nictus fragments, as part of some sick experiments of Arakhn's.

You knew you had to find out more about what Arakhn was doing. A report of more Freakshow activity in a Council base in Brickstown got your attention. You journeyed there and fought several Dark Freaks. You also discovered an unsent e-mail from Arakhn herself! It was to an ally of hers within the Council, but you were unable to determine who that ally might be.

Arakhn's e-mail indicated that she was about to take her experiments to Stage Two. Desperate for answers, you took to the streets. After defeating many Council agents, you learned of a base where Arakhn's efforts continued. You went there and discovered several Galaxy troops with the ability to shift into War Wolves. You defeated them and found another interesting e-mail: not from Arakhn, but from her mysterious ally.

It was essential that you learn the man's identity. You went to a Council communications hub, where you learned the e-mail's base of origin.

With the information in hand, you went to the base and learned that it was under the purview of none other than Requiem! He and Arakhn had been working together! Moreover, their experiments had created a race of Shadow Vampyri: vampyri with all the powers of a Galaxy soldier.

Your new knowledge weighed heavily upon you, but still, you needed to know more. You journeyed to the lab where Arakhn kept her experimental data and confiscated all of it, erasing it from the computers' hard drives afterward.

Even today, you cannot be sure how successful you were in eliminating the Shadow Vampyri. Although you arrested many of them and now hold the data that is necessary to their creation, it is unknown how many shadowy legions Arakhn and Requiem may already have created. You can only maintain your efforts against them, and steel yourself against the future showdown that will surely come between the evil Nictus and Kheldians such as yourself.

You know that you'll need to become stronger in order to face whatever the Nictus have planned. You were encouraged to return after you had mastered more of your powers, around Security Level 35.

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