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Crown of Glory

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From the Story Arc "Crown of Glory" given by Mercedes Sheldon.

This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20-29.

Souvenir's Text

Story arc is missing the introductory text in the souvenir. May be bug.

Crown of Glory

Mercedes Sheldon suspected that the Warriors had more to do with her missing artifacts than met the eye. She sent you to bust up a Warriors hideout and get some answers. Inside the hideout you confronted Menelaus, one of Odysseus's generals, and learned from him that a civil war was brewing in the ranks of the Warriors. Mercedes suspected that the Crown of Glory must be responsible.

After you busted up the Warriors in their hideout, Mercedes received a strange phone call from the leader of the Warriors himself, Odysseus. He told Mercedes that a warrior by the name of Hector had the crown and was leading a renegade group of warriors against him. They agreed that stopping Hector was in the best interest of all parties, and so you were sent to a cave on Talos Island to take out an assembly of Hector's generals. From the generals you learned the location of Hector's base.

You took the fight straight into Hector's teeth, attacking his base on an anchored cargo ship off the coast of Talos Island. But Hector was expecting you and you were met with fierce resistance. You smashed through his guards and finally confronted Hector and the remainder of his generals. After a fierce battle you had defeated Hector and recovered the Crown of Glory, but then you were betrayed.

Odysseus wanted the crown for himself, and so sent Menelaus, Achilles, and Diomedes to take it from you once you had defeated Hector for them. Utlimately, even these warriors were no match for you and you emerged from the cargo ship with the crown in hand. Victory was yours!

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