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Coral Shard

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From the Story Arc "Coral Bonanza" given by Crash Cage.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20 - 24.

Souvenir's Text

According to Mr. Bocor, this simple coral shard is part of a vast and terrible force. You've kept it because you expect it will come in handy, and because it's a reminder of the escapade you like to think of as:

Coral Bonanza

It began with Crash Cage's plan to curry favour with her 'friends' in the Circle of Thorns. She paid you to steal several coral shards from Cage Consortium, who were in the process of selling their finds to representatives from Arachnos.

You stole the shards, and Crash handed them over to her friends. But she was curious. She sent you to the famed vodoun master, Mr. Bocor, to see if he could tell you the shard's secrets. Crash attempted to blackmail the old man by seeking his true name, but Bocor was unimpressed. He informed you he would only talk if you retrieved one of the shards for him.

When you got back to Crash, you were in for a surprise. Arachnos operatives had followed Crash to the Circle lair where the shards were stored, and they were attacking! You had to repel them, or you and Crash would suffer the Circle's wrath. While beating down Arachnos for the Circle, you managed to sneak into their treasure troves and make off with a single shard. You took it to Mr. Bocor, and what he told you was remarkable: the shards were part of some sort of living beast, and the old reprobate was sure you had a hand in the creature's destiny. he allowed you to keep the shard, and you have to wonder: what interest does Bocor have in the fate of this creature? What interest does he have in your own fate? And how long will it be before Crash's reckless double-crossing catches up with the both of you?

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