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Paladin is a Giant Monster that is one of the Clockwork.

NOTE: Characters will not receive a badge for defeating Paladin, though characters do receive Reward Merits, since he is a Giant Monster. A badge is rewarded for preventing his construction.


The Clockwork have outdone themselves. This Paladin of the Clockwork King must be destroyed!


Upon completion of the Paladin Construction: I am born! No one can stop me!

Spawn and End Points

Paladin is constructed in three spawn points in Kings Row. Once completely constructed, he will wander around the zone, followed by a parade of Clockwork.

There are three spawn points:

  • One is in the southwest corner, around an electrical tower just bordering a warehouse. (513.0, -42.0, 2787.9)
  • One is towards the middle of Kings Row, and is in the large electrical complex. (-1639.7, -42.0, 1729)
  • One is in the northeast, just south of Royal Refinery, near the spherical silos. (-2865.3, -42.0, -506.9)

Upon completion, each Paladin construct will run to one of four locations in the High Park neighborhood, south of the Galaxy City gate. Heroes can stop them along their way or draw them away from their spots, but otherwise each Paladin will return to one of these locations if left undisturbed. More than one Paladin may end up at the same end point.

There are four end points:

  • One is in the southwestern part of High Park, in a small park area. (350, -42.5, -2500)
  • One is in south-central High Park, at the end of a long park area. (150, -42.5, -1800)
  • One is in the parking lot behind the P4wn Shop in central High Park. (1200, -42.5, -1800)
  • One is +++ Missing Information +++text description (32.0, -42.0, -1570)
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