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City Vault

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NOTE: On April 28, 2009, in an Q&A session on the EU servers, Positron officially confirmed that the City Vault has been shelved, because "it would have caused massively unplayable lag to live servers." However, they are still trying to make it happen. [1]

  • NOTE: On November 6, 2010, in a Q&A session at the Northern California Meet & Greet, Positron stated that the City Vault project was completely dead and that the site would not be coming into being.

The City Vault is the 'City of' Franchise's online page of player characters and supergroups. This subsection of the main website contains information about various characters statics (badges, pvp scores, xp, inf, debt, deaths, patrol time, patrol time spent in specific zones, etc) and costumes and allows them to be viewed by anyone with internet access. This database has various search functions to make it easier to locate characters based on sever, affiliation, supergroup, origin and AT.

Players may opt out of being in the database by altering their permissions in game from the options GUI menu.

  • Note:
  • character back stories are currently planned (filtering using Cryptic/NCsoft standard world filter, might get yanked if abused too much).
  • currently, souvenirs aren't tied into this system and aren't displayed.
  • Online/offline status also currently planned (possible abuse might get this yanked)