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Cirque du'Freak Badge

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From this vantage point, one can get an excellent view of Carnival Town: the Freakshow community that has grown like a fungus on Venice's rotting corpse. This is more than a stronghold or a headquarters for the Freakshow, this is their version of a "community," a new world as seen through the filter of a violent and deranged mind. It has laws, customs, even holidays, but make no mistake: it is a place of violence, debasement, and depravity where the weak are quickly culled. Many see it as a cancer from which a psychological and sociological poison can spread to infect other parts of Paragon City, a breeding ground for dark memes best kept contained.


The Cirque du'Freak badge is located 71 yards south of the Carnival Town marker, on top of the enclosed walkway that stretches over the street.

Its coordinates are (7330.2, 167.3, 32.8).

Badge Cirque du'Freak.jpg


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