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Cardiac Core Boost

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File:Incarnate Alpha Cardiac Uncommon.png


Cardiac Core Boost is one of the Alpha Slot Abilities that can be used with the Alpha Slot, part of the Incarnate System. This ability is Uncommon.


For all powers: Reduces Endurance cost by 33% and Increases Range by 20%

One third of these bonuses ignore the effects of enhancement diminishing returns.

How to Get

Cardiac Core Boost is created with one of the following sets of Incarnate Components:

Incarnate Alpha Cardiac Common.png Cardiac Boost
Salvage ArcaneEssence.png 1 Dimensional Keystone
Salvage Etherium.png 1 Penumbra of Rularuu
Salvage ArachnoidBlood.png 1 Vanguard DNA Metamatrix


Incarnate Alpha Cardiac Common.png Cardiac Boost
Salvage supercharged capacitor.png 1 Supercharged Capacitor
Salvage GenomicAnalysis.png 1 Genomic Analysis
Salvage cytolitic infusion.png 1 Cytolitic Infusion

Used In

Rare Incarnate Abilities

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