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Bug Hunter Badge

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Your stalwart efforts in tracking down and eradicating evil bugs have been recognized by the Paragon City authorities. Thanks to you, the City of Heroes has its pests firmly under control.

How to Get

This badge is awarded manually by the Developers to players who report a serious and game-breaking bug. Two well known cases:

  • A bug in the base editor allowed a player to earn millions of prestige in a couple of hours.
  • A bug in respecs for Kheldians allowed a player add infinite slots to a power, maxing all its attributes and allowing him to two-shot Hamidon.

Only a handful of players have earned this badge in the history of the game.

The devs have indicated that, while it's not an official rule, in general they are much more inclined to award the badge if it is not asked for than they are if it is asked for. [1]

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