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This article is about the group of contacts in the Rogue Isles. For the Wentworth's or Black Market Badge, see Broker Badge.


A broker is a contact in the Rogue Isles that interacts with an eligible character based on missions completed in the Rogue Isle Protector newspaper. Eligible characters are Villains, Rogues and Vigilantes.

When a character visits a broker for the first time, he or she can then read the newspaper to get schemes, or short missions. Once enough schemes are completed, the newspaper will have a coded message to visit the broker to complete a Mayhem Mission. Successful completion of a mayhem mission will possibly result in other contacts being introduced.

A villain can first access a broker at level 5 or higher, from Port Oakes.

Schemes are level-specific, and once a character reaches a high enough level, checking the newspaper will result in getting a message that says, "Nothing here catches your interest," and no further schemes will be available in that zone and no further contacts may be introduced by the broker of that zone.

Each zone has two brokers except Grandville which only has one.


Upon approaching a broker for the first time, characters receive briefing specific to the broker, as well as the following:

Now that you've been introduced to your Broker, you can start scanning the Rogue Isles Protector, the local newspaper, for things going on in your current zone. You can then act on one of your 'Schemes' by selecting it from the newspaper, listed under your Contacts.
After every 3 successful Schemes, your Broker will tip you off to Heists and other special missions, as well as introduce you to new Contacts with stories and missions of their own.

Note: The number of schemes varies between 3 and 5.