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Black Ops Badge

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Your mastery of stealth and your training with Arachnos has earned you the Black Ops Accolade. While logged out in an Arachnos controlled area or inside a Vault you will earn charges for your Smoke Bomb power.

Accolade Power

DayJob AoEBlind.png Smoke Bomb Ranged (Target AoE), Foe -Perception, -ACC
Your training from working with Arachnos and several successful heists has earned you access to Smoke Bombs. The Smoke Bomb envelops all those in the affected area in a cloud of smoke. Most foes will not be able to see past normal melee range, although some may have better perception. If the villains are attacked, they will be alerted to your presence, but will suffer a penalty to their chance to hit. Additional bombs can be earned by logging out at an Arachnos Base or at a Vault. Recharge: Long.

For every X hours, Character gains 1 charge up to a maximum of Z charges.

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How to Get

Badge DayJob ArachnosAgent.png Arachnos Agent Badge DayJob Banker.png Thief
Badge DayJobAcc BlackOps.png Black Ops


  • The Black Ops badge is awarded to characters of the villain and rogue alignments. The same badge on heroes and vigilantes is called Defector.
  • This badge is only awarded to characters of the villain or rogue alignments. Although credit for this badge may be earned by heroes or vigilantes, the badge will not be awarded to a character until they change alignment.

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