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Ballista Helmet

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From the Story Arc "Kings of the Sky" given by Lt. Chalmers.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20 - 24.


  • If you want to receive the Souvenir of this Story Arc, you'll have to succeed in the last mission against the Ballista. If that mission is failed, not only you are left with no souvenir at all, also the Sky Raiders Flight Pack temp power will vanish as well once the mission ends.

Souvenir's Text

This is the broken helmet of one of Longbow's elite Ballista soldiers. You kept it as a memento of a job you did to remember as:

Kings of the sky

The Sky Raiders knew that Longbow was planning some action against their new base in Sharkhead Isle, and had their suspicions confirmed when Wyvern agents kidnapped their air defense coordinator. That was when Lt Chalmers of the Sky Raiders brought you in as an independent contractor to recover their man and learn what Longbow was up to. When you rescued him, you discovered the location of an underwater Longbow base where they were planning their attack.

You entered the underwater base by mini-sub and trashed the place. You stole computer files, defeated their leader and planted bombs. Chalmers was happy with your work. Unfortunately you also discovered that Longbow was moving up their time-table on the attack.

The battle over and around the floating fortress was intense, but with your help the Sky Raiders were able to defeat the Longbow attack. All in a bad days work.

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