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Bags of Money

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From Fire and Heist given by Fire Wire.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-7.

Souvenir's Text

Bags of Money

You tossed all the money you stole from the Mercy Island bank into several bags before making your getaway. While you admire the huge amount of cash now in your possession, you remember how you came to acquire of all this money, in a heist you call...

Fire and Heist

You struck a deal with a rogue named Fire Wire. He had a plan to rob the Mercy Island bank, but he needed help in doing so. You and he agreed to split the money down the middle once the job was done. Fire Wire took care of running surveillance on the area while you found documents regarding the upgraded security system. It seemed like the RIP were intent on keeping the bank well guarded from any villains who might try to make a name for themselves.

Fire Wire explained the next part of his plan; you would distract the RIP, while he input various viruses into their network to weaken their security systems. It was during this time you met a man named Matthew Burke, who revealed what Fire Wire's true goal was; he wanted to catch you in the act of robbing the bank and earn some points with Arachnos. This was confirmed when you snuck into an Arachnos office disguised as a soldier and received orders to bring yourself in if Fire Wire was correct. You decided this wasn't exactly what you wanted and rescued several Skulls from the RIP, making them promise to come help you in the bank heist.

Fire Wire, not knowing that his twist was going to be ruined, told you that he would meet you in the bank once you made your way through. Once you recovered the loot in the destroyed bank, Fire Wire did indeed arrive, but with a cadre of Arachnos. However, before he knew what was happening, a large gang of Skulls descended upon Fire Wire and his Arachnos goons. You dealt with Fire Wire as you saw fit. Afterwards, you received a message from a man named Harris, who was interested in speaking with you about yet another business opportunity. Whether or not this would end with yet another betrayal is yet to be seen...

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