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B'Nadek is a human turned Rikti and who wishes to defect. He is encountered in the Rescue Benjamin A. Decker mission from Levantera, and has the "Defector" faction. He has no attacks and must be escorted to the mission exit. He's the mission objective and must survive the mission.


B'Nadek was once a human by the name of Benjamin Decker. He was captured by the Rikti and put through their genetic manipulation and mind altering program, transforming him into a Rikti. He's just recently broken the brainwashing and wants to return home to become a human again.


When you find him, he will be guarded by the Rikti:

Before combat:

Chief Soldier: ThoughtMode: Errant. ThoughtMode: Human.
B'Nadek: Yes. ThoughtMode: Human! I was: AM Human!

Combat start:

B'Nadek: Character! You came!
Rikti minion: Resolve Situation: Later.
Chief Soldier: Resolve Situation: Later.

Once free: I'm status: Unarmed. Please, let's get: outta here.

If recaptured: No! Expression: Frustration!

If left behind: Don't leave me now! I'm almost home!

If refound: I thought I was: goner.

At the mission exit: I can't believe I'll see Mom again. Thank: You.