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Aspect of Rularuu

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Aspect of Rularuu is an Archvillain found at the end of the Cathedral of Pain Trial for both Heroes and Villains. It currently cycles through Ruladak the Strong and Lanaru the Mad. The Aspect of Rularuu has a shield protecting it from all attacks. The only way the shield can be brought down is by defeating all the enemies spawned by the Willforges in the Cathedral. Once all the enemies have been brought down, the shield disappears and the Aspect of Rularuu can be attacked. The shield will only remain down for about 45 seconds {Need Confirmation}, after which the shield comes back up, once again protecting him from attack.

The Aspect of Rularuu must be brought down within the downtime of the shield, otherwise the shield will come back up and the Aspect of Rularuu will regenerate at an insane speed. There is a possibility of an incredibly-coordinated effort of defeating the enemies quick enough to attack Aspect of Rularuu before it regenerates all the way.