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Arena Survivalist Badge

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You've won your first Free for All match, you're considered an Arena Survivalist.

How to Get

Win a rated or unrated Battle Royale event in the arena. This is most easily accomplished by clicking on an arena terminal (or using the /arenalist command) and then creating a event (click Create Event) and choosing these options:

  • Last Man Standing
  • No Teams
  • Any Level (or chose any level you want)
  • Max Players: 3 (or more if you wish, but can't be just 2)
  • Map: Any is fine, though, the Cage Map is easiest for finding and fighting opponents in close quarters.

Other settings don't matter (but, of course, it can't be a gladiator match). Then wait for others to join, or invite them to join with the /ai (arena invite) command.

The last person not defeated ("Last Man Standing") is the winner and will get the badge. If opponents leave the map (click Score, then Exit Map) they are automatically considered defeated. The winner should remain on the map until the badge is rewarded, otherwise, prematurely leaving the map may not award the badge.


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