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Archaeologist Badge

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Your time spent working with the Midnighter and uncovering the secrets of buried artifacts has earned you the Archaeologist Accolade. While logged out in either the Midnighter Club or a Graveyard you will earn additional charges for your Rune of Purification power.

Accolade Power

DayJob HeavyRanged.png Rune of Purification Ranged, Moderate DMG(Energy)/Special vs. Non Human
Your time spent studying ancient relics and magical artifacts has earned you access to the Rune of Purification. This rune will deal moderate energy damage to a target, non-human targets will suffer additional damage. You can gain additional charges of this power by logging off in a Graveyard or the Midnighter's Club. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Long.

For every X hours, Character gains 1 charge up to a maximum of 20 charges.

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How to Get

Badge DayJob Gravedigger.png Mortician Badge DayJob Midnighter.png Midnighter
Badge DayJobAcc Archaeologist.png Archaeologist

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