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Arachnos Warzone Liaison

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The Arachnos Warzone Liaison is an NPC located in the Port Recluse neighborhood of Sharkhead Isle close to the helicopter that takes villains to the Siren's Call zone. Her coordinates are (-322, 63, -1115).

There is a mission to speak to the Arachnos Warzone Liaison assigned by Vince Dubrowski.

Initial Contact

If you're looking for opportunities for advancement, you couldn't do better than Siren's Call. It's a Warzone, which means you not only get to work your way up in Arachnos' estimation; you get to pound on heroes, too. Siren's Call is on the outskirts of Paragon City, and it's going to be Arachnos' first beachhead there... as soon as we get rid of those Longbow wimps. Meet up with Operative Massey to get an assignment, or speak to the Arbiter in the base learn about bounties.

Siren's Call is a heroes versus villains PVP area. Do not enter if you are not willing to face player heroes who are trying to defeat you.