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Arachnos Kill On Sight Order

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From the Story Arc "Reason to Fight" given by Aaron Thiery.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-7.

Souvenir's Text

Arachnos Kill On Sight Order

You've been told by agents of the FBSA that Arachnos has received orders to attack and kill you on sight, unless you do something to 'prove your worth' to them. This was all due to your attack on an Arbiter Mesten, who was leading the Arachnos invasion against Atlas Park. This was the very end of an experience you call...

Reason to Fight

It all began when you met a man named Aaron Thiery. He was a scientist working with SERAPH who, at first, proposed that he knew how to prevent Arachnos from attacking Atlas Park. He directed you to stop a gathering of Hellions in Atlas Park, but you found yourself surrounded by soldiers of Arachnos when you arrived; Arachnos had already begun their invasion plans! The rest of Atlas had become stabilized, thanks to your efforts. This meant that Arachnos was forced to fortify within Argosy Industrial.

You and Aaron Thiery worked together to try to push back the Arachnos operatives by attacking their commanders and pylons. With the pylons destroyed, you received a message from Matthew Habashy, who said that the destruction of the pylons allowed the FBSA to get a track on their main base. He believed that was where his wife, Dana Habashy, was being held, but said that it was supposedly an immense amount of security. Habashy informed you that he would go in first to cause a distraction, which would allow you to get in there and save everyone. Before you could say anything, the feed was cut.

You wasted no time and went to assault the main Arachnos base. You were able to save Matthew Habashy, his wife, and the remaining hostages from Galaxy City, and discovered something terrible: Aaron Thiery was working with Arachnos and was in the base at this moment! You confronted Thiery, who revealed that he was not, as you would have believed, part of Arachnos. The truth was that he did all this to wake up the heroes of Paragon, to force them into action; even if it meant committing horrible crimes, Thiery believed that now the people of Paragon were safer. After explaining himself, Thiery requested that you kill him, as he had done too many horrible acts to deserve to live. At this point, it was up to you; did you kill Aaron Thiery, or arrest him to spend the rest of his days in the Zig?

After you dealt with Thiery, Arbiter Mesten arrived to try to salvage the remains of the operation. You fought and defeated the Arbiter, cutting the head off of the supposed Arachnos 'dragon'. The remaining Arachnos troops were either defeated by the remaining heroes of Paragon or retreated.

Matthew Habashy thanked you for helping to reunite not only him and his wife, but also the countless other survivors of Galaxy City with their loved ones. You saved the people of Atlas Park from the forces of Arachnos, gave those who were doubtful something to believe in once again, and showed the less-motivated heroes that there is still a reason to fight, a reason to take a stand and use your powers to help those who cannot help themselves.

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