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Arachnos Armored Gauntlet

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From the Story Arc "Iron Fist" given by Captain Mako.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 40-44.

Souvenir's Text

Arachnos Armored Gauntlet

This is an Arachnos Armored Gauntlet. It is a reminder of a tale you like to call:

Iron Fist

It all started when Mako called you to help his troops intercept some Longbow agents who were chasing down one of Ghost Widow's spies. They had her trapped on the docks of Sharkhead, and Mako sent you to take down the Longbow leader. You made work of the Longbow agents and returned to Mako.

The Arachnos spy had gotten some information on several researchers into portal technology who would make prime contributors to Project DESTINY, one of Lord Recluse's pet projects. The first target was a SERAPH scientist in Paragon City. You were called upon to take down a Paragon Police Department blockade who were made aware of Arachnos' plans and were intent on stopping them. You took down the PPD Lieutenants, breaking the blockade and allowing the Arachnos extraction team to get the SERAPH researcher.

Arachnos' next target was a Portal Corp researcher who got lured away by Crey. Again, you managed to cause a distraction by engaging Crey's Paragon Protectors while the main extraction team got the target researcher.

The final target was a Malta researcher. You hit a Malta warehouse, intend on luring away reinforcements from the main Malta base by wrecking their assets. The plan worked like a charm, and the extraction team managed to get the third and final researcher.

Arachnos operatives reported Longbow preparing their forces for a counterattack, so Mako sent you to get a bit of an edge from Operative Grillo. Grillo gave you an Arachnos Combat Radio, allowing you to call upon a standby Arachnos Tarantula when necessary.

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